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Why Crucible Retreats are a Great Referral for You and Your Clients

Over 6,900 souls have completed Crucible’s Christ-centered Men’s Retreats or Women’s Retreats since 2002.  Many professional Counselors, Pastors, Coaches and business leaders have referred with surprising results.  Here are a few reasons why your referral is great for your clients and you.

  1. Community supports healing. People who are socially isolating or have few friends will find deep connection with others over the weekend that last beyond the retreat. Many Weekend participants have maintained supportive relationships with others they met on their weekend for over a decade.
  2. Increases emotional awareness. People who are disconnected from their emotions will be taught and have opportunity to practice becoming aware of their emotions as they present in their body and improve their communication to others about their emotions so they can better manage them and how they affect others.
  3. Creates more openness. The weekend is a deep dive into their personal story with teachings and group exercises that promote vulnerability in a safe place. They will come back to your office with a better ability to communicate about their life story.
  4. Promotes personal responsibility. People return from the weekend with motivation because they have moved from a victim place with little power toward a place of taking responsibility to create the world they really want.
  5. Improves clarity. The retreat offers the opportunity for your client to become more self-aware around what their heart most desires so they return to your office with more clarity about what goals and direction they want to continue to work on.
  6. Fires up motivation. If your referral struggles with homework, fails to move on your advice, or progress is moving at a snail’s pace, you will find them more motivated post-weekend. Therapists report high levels of progress post-weekend due to client motivation.
  7. Get unstuck. If your referral has been in a holding pattern, stuck between two or three options related to major decisions or direction in their lives, the weekend will move them from an unstuck place into action toward the direction they choose.
  8. They will still be your client. Crucible does not provide mental health services but rather refers to practitioners, and is not a church but rather encourages church connection. Crucible is not a replacement for therapy or discipleship. God uses the series of experiences and teachings at Crucible to improve self-awareness so that participants can strengthen their relationship with God and others.

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