Research shows you are more likely to reach your goals with a coach. Take advantage of a free confidential 30-minute coaching session to discover what 2024 may hold for you.

What is our Online Coaching Program?

Hiring an online coach is like hiring a fitness trainer or a guide for wilderness adventures. Online coaching helps you move from a stuck place toward your goals. The Crucible Project has the express purpose of helping men & women move toward Christlikeness and become more like Jesus.

Our coaches meet you where you are in life and help you become a better version of yourself. They do this by unlocking your God-given gifts, talents, and goodness. Just like a trainer or guide, they guide you and influence you to steer towards a direction to improve your life, all while receiving this virtually from the comfort of your home.

What are the benefits of online coaching?

With online coaching, you will discover where you are stuck in your life. You will be guided to break through those barriers and achieve the goals you have in mind.

“[I have] a coach who leads with strength and compassion. They're intensely interested in my life and not only coaches but walks alongside me through the highs and lows. – A.

You will find a trusted professional walking alongside and encouraging you; guiding you as you move out of your current place to something better, someone who can tap your personal resources and God-given giftedness to live as a better you.

“Coaching is one of the ways including staffing weekends and being involved in a Crucible Group which has helped me to grow to lean into my gold and keep my shadow in front of me. I can point back to each of these environments: weekends, groups and coaching as playing a significant role in my continual growth as a person of God.”  – J.

How do these online coaching sessions work?

Our virtual coaches are all ready to meet online. They conduct these sessions by phone or any form of video communication (Zoom, Google Meets, etc.). These sessions will go for about fifty minutes. Before each session, you will complete a brief questionnaire about your progress since the last session. You can also express what you would like to focus on during the session together.

During the session, the coach will serve as a guide in helping you achieve your goals and will also see any blindspots on where you are struggling. You will also be reflecting on what has happened since the last session. Here is where online coaching becomes the most valuable. You will have someone see and understand with no judgment on what you are facing. Whether it be relationships, business, career, or personal struggles, our coaches have all been in some of these battles, and this is where they can help you. 

Before the end of the call, you will confirm the next session. Appointments are at varied times of the week at the day and time you agree upon. We use methods, language, and some processes practiced by The Crucible Project and the individual coach's skill set.

Schedule A Free 30-minute Interview

As the new year has started, we are happy to welcome anyone to a 30-minute session to get to know one of our coaches. We would love to talk to you and see if you're prepared for this stage of your life to improve with someone on your side. Our coaches will recommend the best course of action for you. It might not be online coaching. They could recommend you join one of our weekends for Men or Women. If you are ready for an online coach to give you raw responses about your lifeblocks and limiting beliefs, sign up for an interview today, and we'll contact you if you qualify.

How much does it cost after?

$150 per session after the free 30-minute "Get To Know" you session.

Note: The cost of coaching is included in the Two-Year Transformation program.

Chris Cleghorn

Chris’ coaching approach stems from his life experience of his professional, relational and spiritual journey and over 15 years doing deep soul work with men which includes staffing over 100 Crucible weekends.  “Awareness of my own life path and my woundedness helps me see the aspirations of others and how to support them in going after that.”

Chris is a husband of over 45 years, father of adult children doing their own good in the world and has relationships with seven grandchildren. He has been a builder: of organizations, enterprises, groups and people, which is where he gleaned much of his insight and wisdom.

Chris has built and run $100 Million+ fundraising organizations through marketing and development experience, and helped to guide the strategic growth of organizations and ministries with extensive experience in senior leadership in major organizations and operating business enterprises in a not-for-profit settings. He served as a leadership volunteer in his church and on boards of organizations, ministries and associations with local, national and international focus. Chris led Crucible as the Executive Director 2015-2019. Over his career, he has established productive personal relationships with hundreds of colleagues, clients, and leaders. Chris is a certified Crucible Coach.

Andy Spell

Andy Spell loves people and finds coaching others a pure joy. Through being personally coached by others, he has found it incredibly helpful to have someone walk alongside him to help him reach his goals and that experience developed a passion to help others. Andy’s goals as a coach are to establish a relationship, offer encouragement, help with creative solutions to problem spots, offer and gain perspective, and provide challenge to achieve goals.

Andy shares, “Soul work has helped me realize that at times there are blocks to what we want to achieve in our jobs, relationships, and in life. My goal is to help you set up the steps you need to make the difference you want in all areas of your life. My own personal journey of coaching helped me see the limits that I was putting on myself. Those things that I was allowing to keep me sidetracked. I realized that I had the ability and creativity to achieve goals if I put my mind and energy to it. Hard work does pay off!”

Andy has been a pastor since 1986 and currently serves as an Associate Pastor in his local church. He started his Soul Work through Crucible in April of 2010. He has been married to his Cheryl since 1990, is the proud dad of 5 (2 are in-laws), and a proud Pops to 2 grandsons and a granddaughter (his favorite role). His personal belief is that each day possesses possibilities for each of us, and he is eager to help you pursue all the possibilities for you. Andy is a certified coach through both Catalyze Coach Training and Crucible.

Kim Rush

Kim Rush is a self-described “optimist, wrapped in a skeptic, wrapped in realist, wrapped in an optimist”. Her unique perspective has been forming along her life’s journey as a daughter, sister, learner, believer, missionary, social worker, wife, mom, contemplative, educator, and friend. Both sorrows and joys have shaped her. Kim values connection, adventure, working hard, playing, puzzling—and is happiest with a mix of all of it combined. Creative and analytical projects energize her. Though her heart is knit into many places, she resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma with Tim, her husband of 25 years. They have 3 grown children, 2 dogs, good friends and a garden. She is passionate about regenerating vibrancy in the world through personal, spiritual, and community growth.

Kim serves as a certified Crucible coach, group leader, carpet facilitator, and retreat leader. She also develops curriculum and transformational experiences as the founder of Well-Being ministries for soul-care. She has many years of experience coaching and conducting team-building workshops in the nonprofit sector. Kim follows a strengths-based, holistic approach to coaching.

Sharon Cooper

Sharon is a Certified Crucible Coach, Certified Shadow Work Coach and International Coaching Federation (ICF) Coach based in Charlotte, NC. Sharon has spent over three decades in corporate America working with Fortune 50 clients as an agile change manager and coach. Since organizational change is all about changing at the individual level, Sharon seamlessly combines her business and life coaching experience with her Shadow Work knowledge to facilitate personal growth.

Sharon’s holistic approach brings clarity, direction, and positive support for her clients. Sharon helps clients live their best life by filling the gap between where they are now, and where they want to be. By identifying where growth is desired, setting goals and objectives, and holding accountability, clients will reach their highest goals and dreams.

Vickie Kerr

Vickie started her healing journey in September of 2016. Over the years, she has staffed many Crucible weekends all over the world. She is training and serving in group and weekend leadership. She is certified as a weekend facilitator and a Crucible Coach. She has completed Basic and Advanced Facilitator training with another organization.

Vickie and her husband, Jordan, were married in January 2009 as a second marriage for both. They live in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago with their two cats, and Vickie loves creating by doing papercrafts, art journaling, and acrylic painting. Vickie also serves at her church volunteering in different areas and leading a small group bible study. She say about soul work, "It is an privilege to hold someone's story and to be able to walk with them through their healing journey." Her mission statement is "I envision a community of safe, authentic life-giving relationships by living intentionally and creating spaces for healing, support and love."

Bob Locascio

Bob has 14 years of experience facilitating growth and development work through leading Crucible groups and individual sessions. He is an experienced leader and facilitator, having led over 100 impactful workshops and retreats in four countries and online, and trained in several different “schools” of healing and growth facilitation, including Drama Therapy, Body-Centered Transformation, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Four Archetype of Maturity, Crucible Facilitation, and Consciousness/Awareness Shifting.

Bob is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) with training and certification through Coaches Institute International and as a Crucible Coach. He is also a certified Drama Therapy Session Facilitator and Trainer, and certified Crucible coach, group leader, and retreat leader.

Bill Snyder

Bill is a Certified Crucible Coach who recently retired from a career in IT and Cybersecurity. Optimistic and encouraging by nature, Bill’s personal mission statement is to "make the world a better place as I engage, coach, and create - connection, opportunity, and hope."

Bill is a husband (of 45 years), father, and grandfather. He is a former triathlon coach, current motorcycle riding instructor. He’s a group leader, regional leader for Chicagoland, lead elder, and retreat leader for Crucible. His initial Crucible weekend was in November 2009. He states that his work “centered on becoming less of a ‘life's all about me’ kind of guy, and instead, focused on becoming a man who sees others and loves well.”

Bill spends a lot of time helping men prepare for and live well in their second half of life.

Byron Myers

Byron Myers is currently Crucible’s Men’s Ministry Leader and co-leads the Crucible Coaching Certification program.

Byron attended his initial weekend in October 2009 and has been leading in Crucible ever since. Byron became a retreat leader in 2014 and assumed the Leadership Development Director role in 2017. He is formerly a 30-year teacher, athletic coach and principal at Midland Christian School. He owns his own Coaching business developing leaders of all types.

Byron Earned his B.A. and M.A. in Human Communication from Abilene Christian University. He has been married to his wife Kathy since 1993. He and his wife of 30 years, Kathy, have 3 adult children a son and reside in Granbury, TX.

Lisa Modrzejewski

Lisa joined the staff of Crucible in early 2020 and serves as the Women’s Ministry Leader, which includes leadership development and community growth. She has been involved with women’s soul work since 2015, staffing and leading over 40 weekends. Lisa is passionate about providing safe space for women and men to find healing, support, and live out who God created them to be.

Before coming to Crucible, she owned a coaching business where she supported families through the year of pregnancy and birth as a childbirth educator, birth, and postpartum coach (doula). She has served in many areas at her church over the years, including the women’s ministry leader, small group leader, and worship team member.

Lisa and her husband Chris were married in 2005 and are raising their four children together in Buffalo Grove, IL. She loves playing the piano, gardening, traveling and hearing people’s stories.