I learned so much about myself. I believed lies about myself my entire life and God showed me the truth. Learning and believing those truths have changed how I view myself. I am more confident and hold my head high. I love differently because I finally love myself.
Initial Women's Weekend Participant
This past weekend was life-changing for me. With the help of the guys in the room, I faced my two deepest fears: disapproval & not belonging. “Not good enough” were three words I heard roll through my mind tens of thousands of times. Through the weekend, I got to deal with these fears in a real and meaningful way. I feel my courage rising, being unleashed so I can be the man God designed me to be.
Coming out of the weekend I feel transformed. I knew there would be a change, but God has done abundantly more than I could imagine.
The Crucible Project weekend has freed me from the chains of shame & guilt that held me all my life and have had its effects cripple every part of my life. I am so blessed that God broke me and put my heart in a place where I was able to attend the weekend. The Crucible Weekend was such a blessing in my life and what I discovered gave me true freedom to be the man God intended me to be: one who loves, lives, and is free & full of His grace. Now I'm able to receive His grace.
Before this retreat I was not using my voice, I was shut down and feeling powerless. I am excited about stepping into my power and owning my truth and my voice.
I came lost and broken. I left renewed and confident. Now I am a better father, husband and continue to seek out God in my life daily.
I came as a woman feeling really confused and insecure about decisions I have to make. I left as someone who believes I can hear God speak through me and I feel more confident and playful.
An enormous hole has been filled in my soul by the love and grace of God. I've spent the majority of my life trying to fill that hole with the things that I thought would fit and complete my soul's longing for love and sense of belonging.
I came to this weekend knowing that I have a calling, but not really willing to live in that because of fear holding me back. Knowing where that fear is coming from now is helping me have more freedom in what my calling is. I am looking forward to being in the role I know I am supposed to be in from this point forward.
An enormous hole has been filled in my soul by the love and grace of God. I've spent the majority of my life trying to fill that hole with the things that I thought would fit and complete my soul's longing for love and sense of belonging.Thank you for bringing Jesus to the people that He wants to touch. Jesus was there hanging out with us this weekend in a way that I haven't experienced in a long time. As we shared dark parts of ourselves, Jesus wasn't judging or condemning, but giving grace.
Initial weekend graduate

“I came to experience God’s grace, be renewed, make connections with other women and really look inside myself. I got way more than I expected.” –Jara

The woman I was before was a quiet, reserved and afraid of a lot of things. The woman I am now is strong and brave; those are things I did not ever see in myself.
I was introduced to The Crucible Project by one of my co-workers and to be honest I was skeptical. I looked at men’s stories on the website and the sureness & confidence my co-worker had and I knew this was something I needed. For many years my relationship God had been bumpy, I had fallen out of my faith and felt His presence had left me. But the problem was me... I stopped listening. Distracted, anxiety ridden, self-justifying and sheer denial was my life…I realized I cannot do this alone. I realized my father and I both really needed to experience this. I am not the same person I was entering the weekend. I am humbled by my new brothers in Christ, my renewed relationship with my father, the clarity of knowing who I am and the work I need to do, and most importantly where I stand with God. I was able to forgive my Father & myself for the scars of the past...I am moving forward with purpose and clarity.
I highly recommend The Crucible Project to any man who believes he has a greater ability to fulfill his responsibilities as a man. I had an incredible experience and learned many new truths about myself that will help me to be a better husband, father, son, uncle, minister, and mentor. I've personally attended over $20,000 in training and I have NEVER attended a conference that was better planned and organized.
I went to the depths of my soul for things I didn't know I had bottled up. It was heart surgery that I have longed for.
Initial weekend graduate
I have never in my life experienced this kind of tenderness and strength. It was amazing.
I left the weekend changed forever. I have never felt such love, respect, and sisterhood. God is definitely here with this group of empowering woman. If you are looking for a better you then attend a weekend and you will be accepted and loved.
The process is trustworthy and it will help you figure out where you are blocking your own success. Trust in how it works and don’t be afraid to do it.
Before coming to The Crucible Project I was plagued by perfectionism, cowardice, and a desire to completely avoid community. I was a workaholic teacher & frequently backed down from opportunities to talk about my faith. I often viewed humanity as an impediment to getting work done--not something to be sought after or loved. I knew I needed a change in order to serve God as He intended. God provided that change at The Crucible Project. I had the opportunity to face the perfectionism & cowardice that had been crippling me. I experienced, internalized, & started living the belief that God loves me unconditionally. God worked mightily at The Crucible Project; I am so grateful for the journey He started me on at TCP and for His faithfulness as He continues to build every day on this foundation.
This is one of the most empowering, authentic, amazing experiences of my life. I get to be a small part of the miracle God creates here.
I had great fear of the unknown prior to coming to the Crucible Men's Weekend. However, I knew that I had to do something radically different to shed the sadness and anger I had been carrying for most of my life. The Crucible Men's Weekend was different and transformed me in such a positive way that now that when I look back I wonder why I let my fear prevent me from starting on this incredible journey years before. I am all in and looking forward to a joyful, powerful, exciting, and Christ-filled new life that has been provided to me through the grace, love and truth that the Crucible Project provides.
On the weekend, I found myself in a place where, for the very first time in my life, authentic feminine energy was modeled for me by women of integrity, power, and tenderness.
I came into this terrified. I knew a lot would be required of me. This community is really safe and allowed me to acknowledge and voice things I never have before. It allows you to be very raw.
This was a pinnacle moment in my life. Thanks for showing me godly manhood.
Initial weekend graduate
Being relinquished at birth had a profound effect on my life which I did not acknowledge until I was 58 years old. I never experienced the love, joy, and wholeness of a “normal” birth which left an enormous hole in my heart. I’ve spent my whole life mining for attention from everyone trying to fill the void. After two years of counseling, I became aware of what caused my narcissistic behavior, but that did not heal the wound in my heart. I heard about The Crucible Project from my son and we decided to attend. During our time there, I hoped to rebuild our Father-Son bond, which we truly did. By God’s grace I received abundantly more. For the first time in my life I felt whole inside. I thank God for this blessing which has changed my life. My heart is full.
This is the first time in my life I have been able to be honest with women and know I won't be abandoned if I say something hard.
Since my husband returned from the weekend, we love deeper, fight less, talk and love more and have the chance to really ‘see’ each other.
Wife of an initial weekend graduate
It took the love of God out of my head and back into my heart.
Initial weekend graduate
I was seen and heard and loved for who I am and where I'm at. That’s a gift that every woman deserves.