The Crucible Project Podcast

Real and Raw. Radical honesty leads to radical grace. Listen to good people telling their stories and how it points back to the Christ-centered soul work of The Crucible Project.


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Our Mission

Our mission is to spark meaningful, life-altering change across humanity with genuine honesty and compassionate grace. Our volunteers have already achieved incredible transformations - now they're here to help you reach the same level! Join them with their sympathetic stories and find the resonation with every episode we provide.

Our Idea

With this past global pandemic, many have felt overwhelmed and discouraged by life's challenges. But we had an idea here to provide hope; launching a podcast dedicated to advocating for Christ-like changes in men and women worldwide! Our goal? To uphold our 'real & raw' messaging through radical honesty--not only helping ourselves, but each other too - so together we can reach new heights. By embracing grace with honest conversations, this journey will equip us all with the strength to navigate challenging times now and next.

The People

In each podcast, you'll find like-minded people who can relate to your struggles and be open with their authentic experiences. Together we'll create an inspiring atmosphere of genuine connection where no BS is accepted - only striving for mutual growth! Let's motivate one another in the pursuit of success.

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Reach out to us and let us hear your thoughts about any episode. We would love to hear anything that resonated with you from an episode.