Redwood Matching Campaign: Almost There

Thank you to every Redwood who made a donation in response to the Crucible Board of Directors matching gift challenge. Our original goal was to raise $66,000 that will be used to continue to keep staff in place for launching weekends again. The Board of Directors committed to match your donation, dollar for dollar, up to $66,000.

You are doing it. The matching campaign has raised, in gifts and pledges, a total of $58,466 toward the $66,000 original goal. We are almost there! Since the campaign launched, additional weekend cancellations means that an additional $34,000 is needed to span the gap.

If every Redwood donated $10 per month, we would have all of the resources to get through this pandemic and then some. However, not every Redwood can give at this time. Many Redwoods are facing tough financial hardship or fear job loss.

Will you join Redwoods from across the globe to meet the Board’s matching gift challenge by setting up a monthly donation of any amount online right now?

You received a gift from this ministry that impacted your soul. Your relationships, work life and faith have been positively impacted. The Crucible soul work movement across socio-economic, racial, cultural, political and denominational lines runs on the framework of The Crucible Project organization.

This ministry’s sustainability through this pandemic and its economic impact are at stake. With your donation, The Crucible Project, and all of its programs and services will be ready to launch again as soon as possible.

Will you put your love of Crucible’s mission into action through your generosity?

Redwood Mike Philley, retired law enforcement, stepped into his Sovereign and challenged Redwoods through social media recently to join him in donating one hour’s pay per week. Then he and his wife Pam, decided to “auction” off their inherited Grandfather Clock. Redwood Dathan Johnson won the bid, and generously raised it another $100.

When you make a recurring monthly donation online or send a monthly check to The Crucible Project PO Box 988, Wheaton, IL 60187, you will receive a monthly update of what your donation is funding.

Additional Tax Benefits

The Crucible Project is a 501c3 nonprofit and all donations that meet IRS guidelines are tax deductible. The recent passing of the CARES Act provided an additional $300 per individual and $600 per couple deduction, in addition to the standard deduction, in the bill. Your donation will be acknowledged with the tax information that your tax preparer can use when paying for this calendar year.

If you have questions or want more information, contact Roy Wooten

The Crucible Project needs your help right now!