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NOTE: This community is an emerging community, which means we are developing and working toward hosting weekends and may have group(s) meeting locally. If you have completed an initial weekend and would like to be involved in this community, we invite you to send us an email using the simple contact form below.


Initial Weekends

No events found, please check back later.

Second-level Weekends

Find out more about Second-level Weekends.

Sep 10-12 2021 - Leadership: Dark Side

St. Charles, IL
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Sep 24-26 2021 - Leadership: Joy

Como, CO
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Oct 8-10 2021 - Leadership: Joy

St. Charles, IL
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Oct 15-17 2021 - The Mission Weekend

Andover, CT
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Oct 15-17 2021 - The Sexuality Weekend

North Zulch, TX
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Crucible Conference

May 29-30, 2020  |  RSVP
We are excited to announce the first annual Crucible Conference to be held in Houston, Texas! More info TBA

Facilitation Trainings (Basic and Advanced)

In 2020, the Crucible Project will be facilitation trainings for men and women who have completed an initial weekend. They will be hosted by our established communities in Chicago, Houston, and Colorado and others to be planned. They will also be offered virtually via online video conference. More info TBA


Ask us about virtual groups — send us a message using the simple form below. More info coming soon. We appreciate your patience.


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