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NOTE: This community is an emerging community, which means we are developing and working toward hosting weekends and may have group(s) meeting locally. In the meantime, men and women from this community are attending weekends in other locations. If you have completed an initial weekend and would like to be involved in this community, we invite you to send us an email using the simple contact form below.


Mar 8-10 2024

St. Charles, IL
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Apr 5-7 2024

North Zulch, TX
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Apr 12-14 2024

Centennial, WY
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Jun 14-16 2024

Valle de Bravo, Mexico
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Aug 16-18 2024

Madison, CT
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Sep 6-8 2024

Chidlow, Western Australia
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Oct 4-6 2024

St. Charles, IL
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Oct 11-13 2024

Tulsa, OK
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Growth Groups

So, you've completed your women's Crucible Initial Weekend, now what? If you're looking for a place to unpack your weekend, continue your growth, and connect, then consider joining a Growth Group.

What Is a Growth Group?

Small circles of women (typically 6-10) committed to grow in authenticity, honesty, transparency and grace in a safe and non-condemning environment. Groups typically meet three times a month — although it varies by group — and are led by a trained facilitator. Groups are open to women who have completed an initial weekend (or equivalent). These are tuition-based groups, but all fees are negotiable with your leaders. Your first month's fee was included in your initial, in-person weekend as long as it was within 12 months of when you attended your initial retreat.

What You’ll Get

  • Support and positive challenge for your continued work and the goals you want to reach
  • Learn from the deepest experience of other women as they share their work with you
  • An unparalleled group experience of safety, openness and trust
  • The tools, skills and healing to live a more passionate, powerful life

Please use the contact form below to request information on upcoming groups.


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