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Les Crooks is Making a Difference!

Beginning June 14, 2022, Les Crooks of Mishawaka, Indiana will embark on an extraordinary journey that will test his physical limits, mental toughness, and commitment to a cause. As a competitor in Race Across America (RAAM), Crooks will endure 3,088 miles on his bicycle across the length of the North American Continent, from the Pacific Ocean to Atlantic Ocean.

Who Is Les?

Les is a husband, father, and friend to all. He has been the Penn High School Building Trades teacher for 22 years. Les completed his Crucible Project Weekend 4 years ago.  As part of his 2 Year Transformation Program soul work, he started riding his bike more regularly and decided to challenge himself to ride his bike around the state of Michigan. After the race, he continued finding different challenges to better himself mentally and physically.

Why Race Across America?

Les’ leadership project challenge of the Crucible 2 Year Transformation Program is to do something HUGE, beyond what he could do alone.  He shared, “I want to use RAAM to spotlight Crucible.  Donations above the cost of the race will be used for financial assistance.  I also want to raise awareness about the transformational work Crucible does.”

According to Les, “The answer to your question is ‘Yes, I am crazy.  This network of people is from a ministry dear to my heart, which is why I will carry their banner as I do this race. The Crucible Project ignites Christ like change in men and women through experiences of radical honesty and grace. One of the main aspects of the impact of Crucible is that it doesn’t really focus on doctrine and religious belief. Rather its focus and the core of its impact is opening deep inner awareness in men and women of the unique parts of each person’s story that prevents them from seeing and experiencing the fullness of who they are in God’s plan.”

Join Les on His Epic Race

The RAAM will be the ultimate challenge to do that. His team of 12 family and friends will follow him to ensure his safety. A chase vehicle (that stays in visual contact with the rider) and an RV (that is the housing vehicle for the continuous rotation of the Chase Vehicle Crew) will take this adventure cheering him on.

RAAM is the toughest endurance event in the world.  When he finishes, Les will become one of less than 2,500 cyclists who have ever completed RAAM since its first edition in 1982. He will brave the desert, plains and mountain weather, lead a crew and a mini-organization of support, and hopes to raise $100,000 dollars for The Crucible Project.

Help Les reach his goal:

$1 per mile = $3088 one time or $257.34 monthly

$.50 per mile = $1544 or $128.67 monthly

$.25 per mile = $772 or $64.34 monthly

$.12 per mile = $370.56 or $30.88 monthly

$.10 per mile = $30.88 one time gift

Total Raised toward his $100,000 goal: $70,692.00


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