The Crucible Project is committed to helping redwoods continue their journey.

Hiring an online coach is like hiring a fitness trainer or a guide for wilderness adventures. Online coaching helps you move from a stuck place toward your goals. The Crucible Project has the express purpose of helping men & women move toward Christlikeness and become more like Jesus.

Our coaches meet you where you are in life and help you become a better version of yourself. They do this by unlocking your God-given gifts, talents, and goodness. Just like a trainer or guide, they guide you and influence you to steer towards a direction to improve your life, all while receiving this virtually from the comfort of your home.

Any Spell

Bill Snyder

Bob Locascio

Brandon Brunson

Byron Myers

Chadd Schroeder

Chris Cleghorn

Dallen Campbell

Greg Thomas

Jeremy Driver

John Casey

John Ivan

Judson Poling

Kim Rush

Keith Daigneault

Lisa Modrzejewski

Marc Mantasoot

Peter Aldrich

Roy Wooten

Scott Selby

Sharon Cooper

Terrance Foster

Tim Rush

Vickie Kerr