One of our greatest joys is to see Redwoods return and give back to other souls. For many Redwoods, staffing is just as powerful as their initial retreat. Sound unbelievable? Join in by volunteering to staff an upcoming Crucible Retreat and be part of creating experiences of radical honesty and grace for others.

As has been our tradition from the very beginning, Redwoods who volunteer cover their own expenses for housing and food. A Staffing Fee is part of your commitment to volunteer on the retreat. Thank you for helping keep the retreat participant fees low as by covering your own expenses.

The actual cost of a retreat in FY 2023 was $293 more per participant than Crucible charges for retreat participant fees. If you want to contribute to that “back office” operational expense for participants, or support the volunteer expenses of another volunteer, donate to the annual fund.

These volunteer positions fill up quickly. If you desire to staff an upcoming weekend, we encourage you to respond promptly to the Crucible Email Newsletter which is sent out on the 20th of each month. Don’t get the newsletter? You can make a request here.