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Mar 26-28 2021

St. Charles, IL
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Apr 23-25 2021

Andover, CT
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Facilitation Trainings (Basic and Advanced)

The Crucible Project offers trainings for men and women who are interested in learning how to facilitate carpet processes. At this time, they are hosted by our established communities in Chicago, Houston, and Colorado. More Info


Fireside Fellowship

The next Fireside Fellowship is tentatively scheduled for Jan. 24, 2pm-4pm. If we can, we will meet outside around Colleen's fire pit. If Covid still has us quarantined, we will meet on Zoom. More info coming soon!

Weekly Check-Ins

We will be continuing these weekly check-ins (otherwise known as Lunch Check-ins). Right now, we are meeting from 12pm-1pm on various weekdays throughout the month. This may be changing to different times/days each week. Keep your eyes open for this.

Monthly Workshops

Every month Crucible is planning to offer workshops for the men and the women on various topics. January workshop is called "Creating the Year Your Heart Most Desires". It's a coed workshop on January 9 hosted by Roy W. and Karen S. that will offer us a time to look back on what we learned from 2020 and look ahead and chart a plan for 2021.

"My Journey To"

This is a new program that will launch in mid-January targeting those who have not yet been on a weekend, but also open to initiated Redwoods. This program will offer videos, devotions, workshops, and much more. See the upcoming newsletter for more information.

Groups in the New Year

There are Exploration, Growth Groups (Levels 1 and 2) starting in January and February. If you are interested or know anyone who's ready to step into this type of work (initiated or not), contact Brittany.

First Virtual Pilot Weekend

There are many men and women working diligently right now to get a virtual weekend up and running. Separate men's and women's weekends will be held February 5-7. The number of women participants will be limited to 10. The discounted price will be $395. If you know of a woman who may be interested in this experience, contact Lisa M. Prayers are requested for the upcoming staff and participants and for the planning and technical details that will go into a successful weekend.


The Predatory Process Training that was scheduled for January has been moved to June.





As a woman of faith, do you long to live at a deeper level of authenticity, passion and power? Would you be willing to take a hard look at what is and is not working in your life. Through various groups, we give you the opportunity to wrestle with God and discover new truths about yourself and embrace your God-given femininity. If you have a longing to connect with women in your area or around the country in one of these three types of groups, fill out the form below.

Exploration Groups: Complimentary video or in person groups of various lengths of time for women who have not yet been through a weekend

Journey Groups: Complimentary video or in person groups of various lengths of time for any initiated women

Growth Groups: Paid video or in person groups with a 15 week curriculum for Crucible Initiated Women


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