Compass Resources for "Do I Need a Life Coach?"

We frequently hear the question, “Why do I need a life coach? Do I really need a life coach?” You very well may not need one. If you are struggling with mental health you do not need a life coach – but instead a mental health professional. If you are looking for someone to “fix” you or change someone else you are in a relationship with, coaching is not for you.

When to Hire a Coach

You will find a life coach can help you most when you are experiencing the following:

  • You are Stuck – Feeling stuck and find yourself with the same results each time our try a way out of your stuckness is a hard way to live. A good coach will help you break it down and discover next steps for you to take to get unstuck.
  • You are in a Rut – Knowing that you have become comfortable with the way things are but you do not want to stay in your current state for the rest of your life is challenging. A coach can help you set goals and move into action so that you break free from the rut.
  • You Engage in Unwanted Behaviors – You frequently find yourself doing things that you do not want to do. You decide you will  never do it again and yet, you find yourself doing it another time. A coach will help you get to what is driving those unwanted behaviors so that you can experience freedom to engage more in the actions you want to take.
  • You Want More – You life is good, but you want more in your relationships, career, personal life, etc. You notice a desire to level up in your life but you lack clarity about the next steps. Your coach will help you find clarity so that you can make clear goals to be all you want to be.
  • You Need Accountability – You have clarity about who you want to be and your goals, but you keep finding excuses and not taking the actions that will help you achieve your goals. A life coach will provide you with regular accountability so that you can process the choices you are making. You will achieve your goals because you have regular accountability from a professional life coach.

What Sets Crucible Coaches Apart

Certified Crucible coaches are highly trained and vetted coaching professionals who have experience in helping people achieve the changes they are seeking. Our coaches are from a variety of life and professional experiences. They have been trained in Crucible’s coaching techniques that have helped thousands achieve their life goals.

If you are looking specifically for a Christ-following coach, you will find that every Crucible coach is a Christ-follower. That means that you can trust that Crucible coaches will not lead you away from your faith. And as professional coaches, each respect people who practices other religions as well. We want to help you get started right now! Click here to choose a Crucible Coach to have your complimentary, confidential, one-on-one 30-minute session and start the transformative journey that will help you reach your goals.