Compass Resources to Stop the BS in 2024

If you don’t like how 2023 ended, this article might be for you.

Don’t repeat what you’ve said you were going to do every year and then not do it. Stop the BS!

You will not and cannot reach your goal if you keep doing the same thing.

Get Clear on Your Commitment

“This year, I think I’m going to…”  “I really want to … in 2024”  “I’d really like to…”

This language is NOT commitment language. Your words have power. There is a difference between expressing your want and declaring your commitment. If you are making a commitment, make it a clear commitment. Declare what you will do and by when. State it verbally and in writing.

Don’t Declare it If You’re Not Fully Committed

Crucible Founder, Greg Huston, was famous for repeating that if every cell in your body isn’t fully committed, you are more likely not going to do it. Check in with your soul to see if you have reservations and make sure you have a “full body yes” before you make your declaration. If you don’t have a full body yes, it’s just BS.

Agreements and Commitments

If you have a “full body yes” and you make your declaration, you are making a commitment to yourself and to God. Take it to another level by declaring it to another person. When you declare it to another, your commitment turns into an agreement. A clear and definitive agreement with another, with specific action(s) and timeline provides motivation to stay in integrity with yourself and them.

You are more likely to break commitments to yourself and to God than another person. God made us to need others. Without making an agreement with another around your goal, you are less likely to reach it.

Welcome Support Accountability

You hold yourself accountable better when you welcome support accountability from the person you made the agreement with. Accountability means stepping into responsibility for the choices you made that kept you from keeping your agreement. It means considering if your choice is part of a pattern in your life and who, besides you, this pattern might be negatively impacting.

You are Not Perfect

Imperfection is expected. When you sit with the person with whom you broke your agreement and step into support accountability by owning your choices, you have a better chance of receiving grace instead of letting shame pile up and become another barrier to your goal achievement. The only perfect person who ever lived was murdered by all the imperfect people around him. Accept your imperfection, give yourself grace, and get moving toward your goal again.

Make a New Agreement

The best way to reach your goal after you’ve blown it is to make a new agreement. Consider breaking it down into a smaller step or changing one of the measurements or timelines. Make your goal more achievable now so that you can make it more challenging after this win. Declaring your new commitment and making a new agreement toward your goal with another person is the way to continue to move toward victory. No new agreement is just BS.

You Can’t Do It Alone

“I’ve got to figure this out by myself” is BS. We were never meant to do life alone. Your track record shows that. Don’t do in 2024 what you did in 2023. Make 2024 your transformation year. Do 2024 BS-free. Get serious about change this year by joining the Men’s 2 Year Program or attend a Men’s Weekend or Women’s Retreat. Get a coach. Crucible is offering a free 30 minute coaching session to help you get started. Connect with a mentor, Christian counselor or pastor. Just don’t try to do it alone.