Compass Resources for Lack of Maturity

We are all for reading and learning. Most employers require a certain level of formal education. Education is good. But there are some things that can only be learned experientially.

Five Life Lessons

For instance, in Adam’s Return, the author surmises that there are five lessons in life that cannot be learned in any other way except experientially.

  1. “Life is hard (Psalm 90:10). Growing up is hard. Work is hard. Relationships are hard. Disappointments are hard. A boy responds by asking “How can I avoid or escape this pain?” A man asks, “What can I learn from this pain?” If a boy wants to grow up, he cannot run from pain or difficulty. Pain is the greatest motivator for change.
  2. You are going to die (Psalm 90:12). Our days are numbered. Until we are ready to die, we are not truly ready to live. An initiated man lives with the end in mind so that when he reaches his last day he has minimized regrets. He does not leave messes for others to clean up when he is gone. And he invests in relationships so that he can leave a positive legacy.
  3. You are not that important (John 3:26-30). This is the lesson modeled by John the Baptist. He had started a renewal movement with a great following. When his disciples left him to follow Jesus, how would he respond? Would he use his power for himself or the kingdom of God? John’s response was, “He must become greater and greater, and I must become less and less.” (John 3:30, NLT). Someone who really knows who they are does not need to make a big deal about himself. A man who has been initiated is living for something bigger than himself.
  4. You are not in control (Galatians 2:20). Success or failure is not the biggest concern. The central issue is growing one’s relationship with God. That involves living in the truth, facing reality, caring for others, and taking risks to advance the Kingdom. This happens by crucifying the old self and giving preeminence in one’s life.
  5. Your life is not about you (Mark 1:17). Jesus said, “Come, follow me.” The Twelve were faced with a choice. Would they accept Jesus’ invitation to an adventure or walk away? Would they trust him or recoil from the risk of the unknown? They chose to follow and discovered more than they ever dreamed possible. “

Excerpted from Flood, Eric A. (2016), Iron sharpens iron: how experiential work groups promote transformational discipleship among men.  (Doctoral dissertation, Asbury University. (Steelman SEU Library Asbury)

What if you could take a weekend and go through a growth experience that would allow you to experience these life lessons in the safety of elder leadership with others who have already experienced the lessons themselves? What would it be worth to you to take a hard look at these lessons, not by reading about them or listening to sermons about them, but through experiencing them?

On a Crucible retreat, you will take in a series of experiences that will help you mature and grow. Unlike any retreat you have ever experienced, Crucible Men’s retreats and Women’s retreats give you the opportunity for the kind of growth that rarely happens through teaching and worship in church life. You will be invited to disconnect from life and step into a deep personal dive about what is driving you and the pattens that keep repeating in your life.

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