Compass Resources for Overwhelm

If you described your current life, you would probably use words like busy, fast, instant, convenient, distracting, noisy, shallow, exhausting and overwhelming. It is hard to find peace amid the chaos.

At the same time, your inner world desperately needs time, reflection, quiet, depth, slow, and connection with God. God rested on the 7th day of creation. Even though Jesus’ ministry was only three years, he purposefully and intentionally sought out space for reflecting and being with God.

“The vessel in which soul-making takes place is an inner container scooped out with reflection and wonder.” – Thomas Merton

The answer for overwhelm is taking a hard look at your drivenness and your performance mindset. It is owning the responsibility for the overwhelm in your life. You are not a victim of others or of circumstances or situations. You made choices, and continue to make choices, that has you living in overwhelm. Overwhelm is the unintended consequences of your choices.

It feels counterintuitive to get away and wrestle with God. But it is the only way to regain peace in a chaotic world. Your soul needs you to create a space (not a place) for deep reflection. It requires a space for you to:

  • Move from doing to being.
  • Move from productivity to presence.
  • Move from talking to listening.
  • Move from noise and distraction to quiet.
  • Move from busyness to stillness.
  • Move from focusing on external to focusing on internal.
  • Move from posing to authenticity.
  • Move from trying to be who we believe others want you to be to facing who you are.

God wants to get you alone with Him so you can wrestle together over the things keeping you from being all He called you to be. Make choices that create a rhythm of space for your soul. Create the time in your schedule by making different choices.

At Crucible, over 7,000 souls have wrestled with God about their drivenness and overwhelm and are living with integrity, courage and grace, fulfilling their God-given purpose. Our Men’s and Women’s Retreats provide a series of exercises that create a deep dive experience for each participant’s individual journey. Get away. Leave your phone and other devices at home and take a deep dive over a weekend so you can find peace within again.

Some begin their journey by signing up for personal coaching. You can schedule a free 30 minute session with a coach to see if coaching is the way you would like to get started.