Compass Resource for When Something’s Missing

Do you feel like something’s missing? You may have the job, career, relationship, family, church home and neighborhood you’ve always wanted and yet still feel like something’s missing. Even when you’ve achieved each of your goals, you may still feel like there is something missing.

Feeling like there is something missing is common. You are not alone as people experience this from young adulthood into the autumn years of life. You may have gathered the possessions you thought would fill the gap, such as buying clothes, fashion accessories, car, house, dream vacations, etc.

“All of the missing pieces that God added to the jigsaw puzzle of my life revealed all of the holes I used to be blind to.” – Unknown

At Crucible, we believe that one of the reasons you might feel like something is missing is because you are not whole, or in integrity. Wholeness includes alignment and congruence with your heart, head, body and soul. It means being connected with your thought-life, internal emotional world, body and spirituality.

“If you feel like something is missing in your life, the first place to look is within.  Awareness points toward the path of feeling whole and complete again.” – Roy Wooten

If we can help you along your journey, reach out. If you want to take a weekend to do a deep dive into what is missing in you life, sign up for an upcoming Men’s Retreat or Women’s Retreat. If you are not ready for a retreat, consider selecting a Crucible Coach to help you get started.