Compass Resources for a New Year

Happy New Year!

As we embrace 2024, let us not merely tread but step boldly into the possibilities that lie ahead. This year presents an opportunity for growth, transformation, and deepened connections.

If you find yourself uncertain of what next steps to take or feel lost amidst the challenges of life, you are not alone. We warmly invite you to consider attending a men’s or women’s initial retreat with The Crucible Project. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions or join us for a live Q&A weekly if you have questions before registering! If you’ve already attended an initial weekend, continue your journey with a second-level retreat or join the men’s Two-Year Transformational Program.

You could also consider joining a soul group or engaging in coaching with one of our certified coaches. These avenues offer spaces for reflection, growth, and rediscovery of purpose.

We pray you find deeper transformation, community, and growth. We wish you a very happy and healthy —physically, spiritually, and emotionally – 2024. Here’s to a year of courage, resilience, and profound fulfillment. Happy New Year!