Compass Resources for Excuse Making

You have not done what you said you want to do yet. You keep saying you will do it and you don’t. You have some things that you have wanted to do for ten years or more. And it’s not your fault. Your spouse is blocking you. Your boss is toxic. Your kids consume all your time and energy. Your bad or absent parent ruined your life.

“I’d really like to…”

“I’m going to do it one day when…”

“I don’t have the time or money to…”

“This culture is set up against me so I haven’t…”

“I can’t do it…”

It’s Never Your Fault

The excuses you give are all outside of you. You always someone or something else is getting in the way of your goals. They are keeping you from the life you want. If they would only change… if things were only different… you would do the thing that you have been putting off for years.

Try Harder

You probably thought as you made your 2024 goals you would try harder this year. You tried harder, but your excuses have you already breaking your resolutions and discarding your goals. Your goals have not changed, but you already stopped working on them. And you have decided that it is someone else’s fault.

You have a pattern of trying harder. When you fail, you beat yourself up. You call your self some of the things you would never call anyone else. Your shame drives you to give up for a while. Later you try harder again and end up in the Fail -Shame – Try Harder cycle that diminishes your next effort.

Stop Blaming and Making Excuses

The truth is that if you really wanted to reach your goal you would have already done it. You do what you really want to do. The problem is not out there – it is in the mirror. The reason you have not done it is because you keep getting in the way. You are the reason you have not reached your goal.

You will never reach your goal if you do not begin with taking responsibility for the choices you made that has you where you are. Sure, your spouse, boss, church, culture, health, kids, family-of-origin are influencers in the environment in which you live. But you are the one who is making the choice about what to do with the influencers in your environment.

Find Your Power Again

When you take 100% responsibility for the choices you made that has resulted in the life you are living in, you will find your power to make different choices to create the life you truly want. From a place of 100% responsibility for your contributions to the results in your life, you can find your power to choose differently and get into action reaching the goal you have never reached.

As Crucible Weekend Retreat participants leave their weekend, they leave with their power and plan. On the weekend, they faced the patterns in their lives that have kept them living from a place of powerlessness, where they blame others, and stepped into responsibility to create the world of their heart’s deepest desires. They report back about the things they have only dreamed of that they have now accomplished.

The only way to get something new is to try something new. If you’re ready to break the cycle of blaming and shaming, try a Crucible Men’s Weekend or Women’s Retreat. Get a coach for your journey – Crucible is offering a free 30 minute coaching session to help you get started. Join the Men’s 2 Year Program. Take responsibility and create the life you truly want.