Compass Resources for the Constant Arguer

Everyone Argues
70% of people in one study reported they have argued on social media. According to another. report, “parents have more than 2,184 arguments with their kiddos each year.” That’s an average of six a day, 42 a week and 182 a month. Another study found that couples argue on average 7 times a day.

“He trains my hands for war, gives me the skills I need for battle.”
Psalm 144:1b (VOICE)

God Built You to Fight
You were built in God’s image. Jesus is described in Revelation 6:2, 19-11-19 as a warrior. He used a whip and overturned tables in removing money-changers from the house of worship (Matt 21:11-12). He protected a woman from being stoned to death by a judgmental mob (John 8:1-11). God built a warrior in each one of us.

“If you don’t have something worth fighting for, you will fight all the wrong battles.”
Roy Wooten

Wrong Battles
Too many of us spend the fight God put in us on all the wrong things. We size people up and put them in a category that creates US verses Them. We devalue others who have different socioeconomic, political, theological, ethnic or cultural approaches to life. Without thinking about it, we unintentionally step into fighting battles that aren’t worth fighting.

  • Spouse – Wanting to be right and make sure our spouse knows they are wrong.
  • Children – Demanding compliance at all times without input or discussion.
  • Boss – Refusing to follow anyone who does not espouse all our preconceived notions of what a leader should do and be like.
  • Church – Demanding our preferences be the way things are done without realizing that every other member has their own set of wishes.
  • Neighbors – Competing to have the best-looking space or nicest vehicles or toys.
  • Strangers – Putting others down who don’t look, talk, or dress like we do.

Healthy Fighting
At Crucible, we believe God gave put the fight in us so that we can move into action to protect our loved ones, set and honor boundaries, take action toward our God-given purpose, create and live in discipline, maintain loyalty, and finish what we start. Accessing our fighting energy gives us power to do hard things in our lives.

Finding What Is Worth Fighting For
Since 2002, Crucible has supported 7,000 souls moving from unhealthy warriors to warriors who know when and what to fight for. Many have found that the fight God put in us has good use to achieve all that God has put in our hearts. Through our transformational Men’s Retreats and Women’s Retreats, God is helping souls turn that warrior energy toward goal achievement and leaning in to be all that we can be. Are you ready to stop fighting all the wrong battles and start fighting for something truly worth fighting for?

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