Compass Resources for Unwanted Behaviors That Won’t Go Away

Want to experience real and lasting change, stop trying to “white-knuckle” it. Focusing on your sobriety through will power only ends in a fail. More accountability alone does not work. You try hard, fail, feel shame, try harder, and repeat. At Crucible, we call this the shame-cycle.

The truth is that the unwanted behavior you are stuck in is related to some harmful moments in your formative years. Abuse, neglect, bullying, inattention, lack of warmth and nurturing, etc. are the underlying drivers of a core identity wound that is influencing your unwanted behaviors.

Break out of the shame-cycle. According to the leading shame researcher, shame needs isolation, secrecy and hiding, and judgement. Self-contempt is the “off-ramp” of shame. So you end up hating yourself. This core identity continues the shame. And you continue to find evidence that your core identity is true.

It is in secrecy that your shame grows. Being fully seen and known is the only way out of the shame-cycle. The opposite of addiction isn’t sobriety, it is connection. To stop doing the unwanted behaviors you cannot seem to break free from, you must move from isolation to community.

In Crucible, you will find a  community that creates environments where radical honesty about the shameful unwanted behaviors you are engaging can be spoken. When you tell your shameful story in our “judgement-free zone” you will feel fully seen because your story will be met with kindness and compassion.

On our intense Crucible Retreat, you will have the opportunity to experience the freedom from unwanted behaviors that you have been trying so hard to find. You will be given the chance to uncover what is driving your unwanted behaviors and to find a new core identity that is in line with what God says about you. You will be invited to share your story in a community that will accept you and give you grace.

Want to know more about the Men’s retreat or Women’s retreat, join us for a live conversation with a leader or schedule a time for one of us to give you a call. Get started with a coach and tip-toe into the freedom from unwanted behaviors you desire.