Compass Resources for Why Crucible Retreats?

When the unexpected happens, we usually feel God using the challenge to forge us into the people he wants us to become. What if instead of waiting for the unexpected to happen, we enter such a crucible intentionally to explore the depths of our hearts and minds, and emerge from the fire stronger, more resilient, and more authentically ourselves?

Crucible’s transformative weekend experience is like no other. We are igniting Christ-like change in men and women through experiences of radical honesty and grace. We are committed to creating a world where men and women live with integrity, grace, and courage so that they can live with God-given purpose. Crucible helps participants discover their truest selves by creating experiences where every soul can step into radical honesty and receive scandalous grace.

What You Will Get from a Crucible Retreat
1. Awareness. During a Crucible retreat, you will have opportunity to step into the unknown places within yourself – to take a hard look at what is and is not working and discover what is driving any unwanted patterns of your life. Over the weekend, you will be taught and have opportunity to practice becoming aware of your emotions and how they present themselves in your body. The awareness practice of communicating to others about your emotions will help you better manage them and how they affect others.

2. Encounter God. Our experiential weekend retreat is based on Genesis 32 where Jacob wrestles with God, receives a new name and blessing, and begins a new relationship with God. This biblical teaching — and several others from the life of Jesus and his followers — fuels our vision for the weekend and beyond.

3. Community. Crucible retreats provide a deep connection with others that leads to rich relationships based upon honesty and authenticity. Many participants have maintained supportive relationships with others they met on their weekend for over a decade.

4. Motivation. You will be encouraged to confront parts of yourself that are holding you back from the life you want. The weekend is a deep dive into your personal story with teachings and group exercises that promote vulnerability in a safe place. You will leave with a better understanding of who you are and why you do what you do.

5. Passion and Purpose. Connect your head and heart so you can live fully alive instead of wasting your only life! Through guided teachings and exercises, clarity around your God-given potential will provide passion for moving into action to achieve it. Learn more about what your heart desires most and find your next step, supported by a new community of like-minded souls, to lean into your life’s mission.

6. Life Tools. Break free from past wounds and hurts that create destructive behaviors and overcome the power of fear and shame. As you look at the story of your life, you will be invited to move from a victim place with little power to a place of taking responsibility to create the world you really want. Leave the weekend with practical tools to deepen your relationship with God and others.

7. Get Unstuck. On a Crucible retreat, you will be challenged to face your fear. The weekend pushes you behind typical “churchy” answers and releases you from patterns you may find yourself stuck in. Move to being unstuck and taking action toward the direction you want to choose.

8. Better Relationships. Throughout the years, God has used the series of experiences and teachings that take place during the retreat to improve the relationships of over 6,600 men and women throughout the United States, Kenya, Australia, and Mexico. The improved self-awareness creates a ripple effect of health improving your marriage, family, career, church and community.

It is important to note a few distinctions about The Crucible Project. Crucible is not a replacement for therapy or discipleship. Crucible does not provide mental health services but rather, refers to mental health professionals and practitioners. Crucible also is not a church but rather, encourages church connection.

It is also important to remember that a weekend retreat with The Crucible Project is not a “magical cure” that will provide answers to all of life’s challenges. It is not the end of a journey but rather, the beginning of a new one with a better understanding, a better roadmap, many new tools, and a community of authentic Christ-followers who will walk alongside you.

Registration is open for our men’s weekends and women’s weekends happening throughout the rest of 2023 and into 2024. If you have questions before registering, read through our Frequently Asked Questions or register for one of our weekly Q&A sessions that provide space for a casual conversation with a Crucible staff member..

Wherever your journey leads you, Crucible stands with you and for you as you pursue Christ-like change with integrity, grace, and courage.