Compass Resources for Your Intensity

There is a certain kind of intensity that lives within us that we have largely forgotten how to navigate. An intensity of pain, fear, confusion, anger, and grief that we carry, but have not been shown how to integrate and leverage for our benefit and the benefit of those we love.

On Our Own, Hiding

The culture we live and grew up in rejects or otherwise does not want to deal with our intensity.  Or they take advantage of it, preying upon us and using it for their financial gain. So we try to hide it even while it is running within us. We have not been taught nor given any example of how to deal with it. So, we live with our intensity believing that we are the only ones who have it and that we have to figure it out on our own.

Path to Our Power

It is counterintuitive, but to deal with our intensity we must face it. The path to your power is through the door of healing. We must get in touch with our own intensity individually, so we can learn what to do with it. Because we have not had this modeled, this feels scary. That fear keeps us from trying something new that might break us free from the bondage of our own intensity.

“Everything you ever wanted is on the other side of fear.” – Jack Canfield

What is keeping you from having more power and less intensity in your life is your reservation to do something that you have never done before and that no one you know has ever done before. You will never have the power, freedom, peace, purpose, or joy of your heart’s desire if you stay stuck in fear. You will continue to be a hurting person who hurts other people unintentionally.

Trying Something New

God continues to use Crucible to create a safe community where every soul can face their own intensity and began their healing process. It is a place that welcomes imperfections but does not shy away from telling the truth about our self or what we see in each other. It is where deep healing takes place for those who face their intensity. Our work is changing the world one person at a time.

Discover your truth by attending a Men’s Weekend or Women’s Retreat. Get a coach for your journey – Crucible is offering a free 30 minute coaching session to help you get started. Join the Men’s 2 Year Program. Learn how to leverage your intensity to bring goodness to your world.