Compass Resources So You Don’t Blow It

Do you know the feeling? You blew it. You got too close to the fire and got burned. You had a bad-decision-moment. Now it is really messed up – your relationship, your finances, your health, your job, your good legal standing…

No one blows it on purpose. You did not plan to make the mess you are in. But you did not have a plan to not blow it either.

You are still alive. God still loves you. The story is not over yet.

No one accidentally keeps from blowing it. You intentionally and purposefully make decisions that keep you from blowing it.

In Think Ahead, Craig Groeschel invites us to make decisions before so we don’t have poor will power in the moment.

  1. Be ready. Pre-decide now. You want to lose weight. Decide to not go to the break room where the fresh donuts are sitting.
  2. Move the line. Pre-decide to not get close to the fire. Don’t drive by, look at that website, meet alone with that person, have just one drink, etc.
  3. Magnify the Cost. We underestimate what blowing it will cost us. Go the opposite direction. How will you be affected?  How will those around you be affected? What unintentional impact will it have on those watching you?
  4. Plan your escape. God always gives us a way out of temptation. Plan how you will run from the opportunity to blow it.
  5. Know your weak spot. Scripture says Satan is scheming. He knows your weak spot. Know yours, too.

We’ve helped over 7,000 souls prevent blowing it and heal from blowing it. If you are ready, stop waiting. The time is now.  Register for an upcoming Men’s Retreat or Women’s Retreat before they fill up.  Or get started with one of our Crucible Coaches.  Pre-decide and keep from blowing it.