Good News 2015

2015:  A Year of Transition and Community Growth.

good news 2015Jeremiah 29:11
Transition can be stressful, and in the midst of transitions, God promises to be faithful.  We may not know all the plans, but God knows – His plans are full of Hope & Promise.


Here’s some of the Transitions and Community Growth that has happened in 2015:
  • Greg Huston, Crucible Project founder, officially stepped down in March of 2015.  Greg’s ministry and impact was celebrated in June.
  • Chris Cleghorn, Executive Director of The Crucible Project, was appointed by Board to take the role of of President in July.
  • The Crucible Board does an extensive transition study, including interviews and surveys of Crucible “grads” to get input on direction for the ministry.
  • The Crucible Project in Mexico:  After years of preparation, Mexico’s first Spanish language Crucible weekend was December 2014.  The second was in April 2015 and a third was this December!
  • The Crucible Project in Colorado:  Our highest (10,000 feet) Crucible weekends!  Featuring strong support from Flatirons & Foundations churches, there have been six weekends in Como, Colorado with more scheduled and filling up months in advance.  We can’t keep up with the men who complete and want to do a group.  A great problem to have that we are currently training leaders for!
  • The Crucible Project in Australia:  Our lowest (near sea level on the Indian Ocean) Crucible weekend was in Perth this May of 2015.  We also held a first Second Level (Sexuality) weekend right afterwards, and a second initial weekend was held in September.
  • The Crucible Project in Kansas City:  35 men in the KC area have completed an Initial Crucible weekend and are working to establish local Crucible ministry, including hosting a weekend.
  • The Crucible Project for Men in the City/Urban Chicago:  This September weekend featured the 2,000th man to complete a Crucible Initial weekend!
  • The Crucible Project in Houston:  Crucible community continues to get stronger as it hosted three initial weekends in 2015.
  • Emphasis on strengthening the Two Year Program:  Men continue to join this 2nd level program for deep transformation.  More men are welcome to join this program.  We have initiated Skype access for those to do the two year program at a distance.  These have been highly effective.
  • Beginning December 2015, Board of Directors launches strategic planning with outside consultant.  Our goal is to unify Crucible’s vision through this planning process that will provide a model for growth and serve new communities in other markets.

As you can see, God has a plan for The Crucible Project.  The future looks extremely bright, as men continue to see the value and need for this transformational work in their lives.  Some of the accomplishments above, especially the ones outside of the United States, have happend because of a sacrificial commitment of Crucible men in their staffing, training, giving and support.  The need of our mission is great – and so is our giving to that mission.

As Martin Luther King said, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: ‘What are you doing for others?'”  Jesus put it another way, “There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”

We are committed to following God’s plan in implementing the needed resources to make an impact on the world through The Crucible Project Ministry.

Greater Love