The Journey

Down this lonely path I walk,
Why won’t these men talk?
Descending into darkness deep,
My soul, just begs to weep.

Scared of what lies ahead,
So many voices in my head.
Walls built to protect my pain,
“Oh Lord, what will this gain?”

“See that man!” they say,
Just more games and games to play.
Waiting in darkness, I cannot see,
“Lord oh Lord, please set me free!”

Quickly they take everything,
My naked soul has nothing.
Broken men with wounds so deep,
Little boys scared to leap.

Young and old are all the same,
All I do is blame, blame, blame.
Trust the process, do not waver,
Standing brave I show my anger.

Further, further, down we go,
More and more my soul I show.
Scared, sad, angry inside,
I don’t know what else I hide.

Behind the walls around my heart,
I discover tenderness, to start.
In the past I cast the blame,
Run, run, run, from the shame.

Shadows used to hide my guilt,
I did not know how others felt.
A heavy price that others paid,
For the choices I have made.

In my shadow I did find,
A little boy whose love was kind.
Beautiful tears ran down his face,
Wiped away with God’s own grace.

As the boy left my sight,
I wept, for his love was true light.
In that moment I learned to see,
My heart and soul completely free.

No more walls around my heart,
The time has come for a new start.
A drum sounds loud and calls to me,
“Come to the carpet, and be free.”

I wrestled with God as Jacob showed,
And found a blessing, more than hoped.
Through the battles that are mine,
I can help, my brothers shine.

Although this Crucible is hot,
My soul refined more than thought.
On this journey I will go,
As king and lover, my brothers know.

The journey continues, so I can grow,
A faithful man, free to show.
In God’s love we part ways,
Silent goodbyes end our days.


By Dave Record

Dave completed his initial weekend in 2016. He has staffed weekends and is working toward completing the two-year Transformational program curriculum. Dave holds a bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering, and master’s degrees in Operations Management and International Business. Dave and his wife Leslie they own and operate MedExcess, Inc., a medical supply business based in Denver. He is passionate about airplanes, baseball, his kids, writing, and learning how to transform the lives of men through his ongoing work with The Crucible Project.


Photo Credit: Elke Karin Lugert