My Table - The Crucible Project

Background: The past couple of months have been some of the most difficult that I can recall for a number of brothers. Within my own soul group, I have seen merciless attacks from Satan against myself and my brothers. Our families, our kids, and our jobs have all been attacked. My resolve is steadfast because of the men that sit at my table and speak truth and grace into my life. Absent of these brothers, and the larger Crucible Project community, I would run and hide and fail once again to stand my ground.

As I wrote the short poem,  I imagined how it would be to sit at the table in heaven with Jesus and swap stories about survival, moments of defeat and miraculous victory. I imagined that I would want to know how he brought me through my darkest times, and how He knew that I would need each of the men at my table to speak truth and grace into my life at just the right moments. 

The poem  isn’t just for the men at my table, it is for the men that sit at your table too. It is for the men in this work that need to know the value of being present in the lives of broken men everywhere. Never stop blessing those men and speaking truth to them, and most importantly never stop receiving the grace, truth, and gold that the men at your table give to you.


My Table

Men of courage and men of valor,

Come sit at my table, you’ll see,

Where the weak are held by grace and truth;

These are the men that surround me.


Little boy stories that once held the pain,

Come sit at my table, you’ll know,

Bare souls, deep wounds, and unbearable truths;

These are men that find gold in shadow.


Alone, my brothers would be weary in battle,

Come sit at my table, you’ll hear,

Impossible stories from mighty warriors;

These are men that show no fear.


Each soul changes, the heart grows deep,

Come sit at my table, you’ll likely see,

King, warrior, magi, and lover;

These are men God called them to be.


Our fight isn’t over, the journey just started,

Come sit at my table, you’ll bear witness,

Blood, sweat, and tears, with grace, truth, and love;

These are the men that carry my stress.


All of us are broken, and somehow, we are whole,

Come sit at my table, you’ll see,

Redwoods stand tall through dark storms;

These are kings that surround me.


By Dave Record

Dave completed his initial weekend in 2016. He has staffed weekends and is working toward completing the two-year Transformational program curriculum. Dave holds a bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering, and master’s degrees in Operations Management and International Business. Dave and his wife Leslie they own and operate MedExcess, Inc., a medical supply business based in Denver. He is passionate about airplanes, baseball, his kids, writing, and learning how to transform the lives of men through his ongoing work with The Crucible Project.

Photo Credit: Joi Ito via Creative Commons